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GMM is keen on sport.


GMM cares about  people's health in their everyday lives and  is now at the service of sport too! 

Actually, GMM is keen on sport and we have been supporting the Tirreno-Adriatico race with a specially equipped ambulance in order to ensure  health care and assistance along the whole race ...  

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GMM Group

GMM  is constantly expanding its brand and worldwide presence in the X-ray diagnostics field with a view to offer a wider and wider range of products featured by top quality and operating efficiency.
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Visit our "Events" pages to learn about the different Fairs and many Congresses we attend each year ... Arab Health, ECR, JFR, MEDICA, SIRM ...

R&D news
Technological evolution, innovation and care for details so that products do ensure higher and higher operational safety  and reliability: these are the principles driving our R&D department and indeed our design skills together with strict clinical evaluation allowed us to  patent our products worldwide. Today, our "all-in-one" system OPERA Swing  is patented in Italy, Euope (EU), USA, China ...

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